Strategic Session Workshops

Each month, each quarter and year organizations need to review successes and understand areas for improvement and growth.  Regardless of the type and size of your business, your can learn from and evolve your strategic needs to meet the new challenges for change and growth in your marketplace.  We have designed the following workshops to focus on core strategic needs of your organization to help you bridge to the future. 


Strategic Business Planning:  2 – days

When your strategic initiatives are in place often there is a need to organize the team around how to manage the process of successful implementation.  This session is designed to bring key leaders in your organization to plan and create the processes by which the strategic plan will be activated across the organization and enlisting the supporting roles needed to grow the business.


Strategy Alignment Labs:  1 – 2 days

Bringing a team of 8-12 key personnel together to identify tasks, opportunities, growth areas and other needs for the business.  Typically sorted into either operational need (running the business) or innovation need (growing the business).  The range of topics include:  strategic business analysis (i.e. SOAR), business implications, potential growth areas exploration, and tactical planning.


Strategy Activation:  1 – 3 days

Business strategies require a certain level of change to take place in your organization, especially when an adjustment or pivot in operations or approach to the marketplace is necessitated.  Using the strategy that has been defined and rolled out by senior leadership, a cross functional team of leaders is brought together to create the best paths to operational excellence, define and prepare the team taking on the strategic actions, and setting up a plan-do-review cycle of activation.


Strategic Account Planning:  1 – 2 days

Every organization has key strategic accounts that they rely on to provide a greater percentage of revenues and often it is taken for granted the amount of impact in losing any one of those key accounts would have on the business.  Making sure that each of these key, strategic accounts are given the attention and management to ensure that they continue to grow and provide the highest level of revenue.  It is recommended to invite your strategic account contacts to be a part of this workshop and co-invent solutions to the needs that they have in order to maintain and grow the relationship.