InnventX 2-day TTP Programs:

The Practice of Collaboration and Collaborative Problem Solving

The nature of collaboration and the ability to do so as a team, the results are by default inventive breakthroughs that lead to innovative results.  The resulting efforts of true collaboration; the diversification of teams in terms of thought, function, expertise and experiences; causes the thinking processes of the team members to be from different origins in each individual.  Organizations with intact and ad hoc teams are missing the first element of the problem solving equation – the understanding of what makes trust and collaboration happen.

The Practice of Xsights:
Insight on Insights

Many organizations have access to the same data.  Big data has become the key business analytics tool and helps target specific groups on a macro level. What is lost in this type of data is the ability to understand the micro level of a certain group.  Where big data goes large and wide, Xsights create focus to deeply understand how a particular group behaves and highlights the motivations for those behaviors in a specific context related to your business and the outcomes you are seeking. 

Xsights are InnventX’s form of an insight: new understanding that artfully explains behaviors and excites others to engage the target in new ways.  

InnventX TTP Masterclasses

The TTP Masterclasses are designed to provide individuals and teams with key knowledge, skills, tools and behaviors to thrive in an innovative culture.  InnventX has developed three highly customizable classes, that can range from 1/2 to a full day each for up to 25 participants.  We have three Masterclasses for your organization:  Collaboration Masterclass, Creativity Masterclass and the Leading Innovation Masterclass.  


The TTP Keynotes are condensed learning opportunities for the more senior leaders in your organization who have a great demand on their time.  Designed as more of an over of the content, the outputs of each session are to create action in the organization as a leader to drive change and growth.  Our three Keynotes include: Sponsoring Innovation, Collaborative Crew Resource Management and The SEAL Code for Business.   Each session is designed to be two hours long and can be combined and customized to your specific needs. 

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

InnventX works with your supervisors, managers and leaders to craft a personalized coaching plan with the focus on Scenario Driven needs.  Scenario Driven needs are those scenarios that arise during the normal course of the operating day.  Our topics focus on two areas:  Your People and Your Processes.  The emphasis is focused on becoming a Facilitative Leader:  A leader who "makes it easy or easier" for their team to be successful in their role.  The approach is based on preparedness for leading interactions and meetings, being efficient and effective as a leader and driving collaborative problem solving.

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