Growth Mindset

Focusing on Achievement and Learning

Having a Growth Mindset means to focus on Achievement and Learning—not one or the other. A growth mindset allows individuals and the team to fully embrace the tough stuff that people, teams and organizations are faced with:

  • Challenges:  People, Process and Products that are not performing to expectations
  • Struggles:  With customers, clients and competition
  • Criticism:  Warranted or unwarranted feedback to work being performed
  • Setbacks:  With ideas, concepts and solutions that are presented

A growth mindset opens individuals and teams to fully open their minds to realize potential, focus on skill building and learning from efforts.


    • It taps into both "sides" of the brain
    • Allows people to love what they are doing
    • Makes knowledge and skill building part of the outcomes
    • Skills and abilities grow from our natural curiousities
    • Leaders and managers will learn and teach instead of judge
    • Interests blossom into real abilities