You Can Learn to be a Better Leader

Mckinsey came out with a report today talking about the 4 top behaviors of leaders that account for 89% of leadership effectiveness.

InnventX can provide training and coaching on these four areas in our CCPS training program.

Our model of Trust-Thought-Process-Guidance will prepare any leader to achieve greatness in these areas.  Our programs do a deep dive on the skills, tools and behaviors to be a successful leader.

Be Supportive:  Provide a trusting, open and honest work environment through understanding the dynamics of your interactions, actions and reactions. 

Operate with Strong Results Orientation:  Plan-Do-Review.  Establish your work flow, execute the work and learn from the success and failures.  The key is to implement the changes that will close the gaps and concerns during the review process so that next time the team will be prepared.

Seek Different Perspectives:  Tap into the diversity and naïveté across the organization.  If you have a room full of engineers, your solutions will be engineering based.  Mix and match expertise and experiences into your team to get a more well rounded solution.

Solve Problem Effectively:  Ensure you have a replicable, linear process for solving the issues, opportunities and problems you are faced with.  Because the problem is complicated, doesn't mean the process of solving it has to be.