Announcing: The Leading Innovation Handbook

After nearly 15 years on the road, traveling globally and working with clients of all sizes, I have seen my share of successes and learned a lot from taking risk and seeing opportunities within those risks for growth and change of my practice.  I chose not to write this handbook as a case study, but rather a collection of what I feel are the best practices learned, refined, adopted and refined again.  Just like innovating for your business, the practice of leading innovation is a continual process of collecting information, analyzing process and outcomes, creating something new for the future and transforming past experiences into better approaches to work with my clients.

During my consulting career, I have also trained hundreds of individuals and teams in collaboration and teamwork, creativity and creative problem solving and facilitative leadership of the innovation process. The core of my knowledge stems from George Prince and Synecticsworld®. A huge influence and part of my professional life that has transformed me personally to appreciate that everyone is creative, everyone is an expert in something, and most importantly everyone can innovate given the opportunity and the permission to do so. 

The notion of leading innovation is truly about seizing the opportunity given to create something dynamic for your business. Couple this with an ability to motivate others to live and work with their own innovative mindset will help you deliver the change, growth and disruption that your organization is looking for. 

Innovation is not a one-time event.  It is a process that has to evolve over time based on the push and pull of the business.  Innovation is something that needs leaders with the skills, knowledge and behaviors that can flex with the uncertainties and ambiguities of the process while keeping sight of the potential and possibilities for the organization and its people.

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