Strategic Innovation

InnventX brings planning, design and facilitative leadership to your organization so you can focus on results not process.  Strategic Innovation and Activation requires that the organization has clarity on the mission, vision and connects with the underlying values of the organization itself. Trust and Collaboration creates the empowerment to do what it takes to accomplish the mission. It requires focused business execution across the business.



Innovation must have purpose, and the core need is to grow the business in some fundamental way through its people, processes and products. A well-defined strategy that is designed to bring the organization into the future.



Employing a clearly defined, linear and replicable processes that tap into the latent creativity of the organization to solve the problems, accomplish tasks and develop opportunities that the organization sets forth.



Tapping into the organizational creativity is the key to invention. Invention is the cog that drives Innovation. Invention is a two-fold process—creating new ideas and evolving the new ideas into actionable concepts.



Facilitative leadership drives the innovation process from strategic planning to concept development to market activation. Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it takes a concerted and concentrated effort to make the change for growth.